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poetry pages

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here you will find some of my poetry... i have made some attempt to categorize it, loosely, by topic.

for me, poetry is an attempt to say what i cannot say in linear speech; a kind of meta-language; the closest thing i can find in language to the polyphony that is possible in music.

i should also preface this collection by saying that i use poetry as a kind of emotional catharsis, as i'm certain is true of many other poets. as such a particular poem is most likely an accurate depiction of the state of mind, when i wrote the poem, although it may not be, and is probably not the way i am thinking all the time!

58th Street Poems & Other Cityscapes

manhattan random abstractions non-poem
poetry from the mind of insanity
could she be his venus?
hammond spinet in the living room
Cityscape # 1
Cityscape # 2
Cityscape # 3
Cityscape # 4

Of Faith and Philosophy; Joy and Sorrow; The Wonder of Life

oh how very wonderful
canticle for night
elegy for ash wednesday
what deepest cold?
far from poetry
slimey questions
jesus, filled with light
three times i am beautiful
i was awakened by a prayer for you
Another Birdsong

Remotely Political

be careful on the streets of orange
the giant
Anger for Abel