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Jesus, Filled With Light


Word by radiance rising in the morn –

From evolving hue

Son by sun is transfigured,

And the Un-created is from obsidian born.

Long Thou didst these empty hallowed halls

In leaden gray-glass stare

Keep watch through the dark of night.

But now is color blossoming

In Thy translucent heart –

Oh my Jesus, filled with light!


Jesus filling with light –

To vaulted and buttressed arches

And cold immutable stone give birth;

As what sun that fills the Son

Be’est but a shadow of the One

That bequeaths natal substance to all the earth.


Oh my Jesus, with searing colors

Emblazoning bleached walls

With radiant residue of glory -

Cleave the dark of my mortal heart

With the brightness of Thy rising story.





Essex Fells