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"Tell me, John Calvin"


Is it worth a breath of thought
So to incline the mind toward milky celestine wonders
And contemplate the jeweled skies --
Striving to garner elusive phantom clues,
That bemuse, confuse and beguile
Ever widening eyes?
If strength is found in weakness,
And is foolish to be wise,
Should I then beleaguer my enfeebled mind
To contemplate eternity's guise?
Might I ponder whether
'Tis for joy or chance
The silken Monarch doth choose
The most beatific blossom on which to alight?
Or consider the meritous reason or choice
Of creatures nocturnal,
Who with shrieking serenade
Punctuate the night?
Dare I parley an attempt to cipher
Why I to thee am drawn?
And can I still fathom devotions meaning
If I on crosshatched field am but a pawn?
Tell me, can you calculate
In the swarthiest far-flung frontier of thine introspective heart
The sum-difference matter
Of whether we be riders on infinity's asymmetric wheel
Or own in the swirling, eddied currents, a navigated part?