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Canticle for Sunrise /or/ Death Knell for Night

Look how he chases them -
The moon and all his shimmering ghostly pinpoint minions
Oh so far away;
For while he slumber'ed they far too long held sway -
See how he climbs upon the rungs
That were wrought by God,
And with deadly-welcome rays
Dispels gloom from the dismal plain
Where nether-things have trod.
Behold the glistening morning dews
Sacrifice their moisture-souls
To meet him in the air.
That is where they had their birth -
Thence they shall return to earth
To cleanse its rocky bones
And wash the mountains bare.
Night after night expires
before the dawning day
Triumphant, bright -
Daily the drama recapitulates
Frightening frights
Who fear the shattered light.
But yea remember this ye mortal men -
All thee who worship under azure skies,
If ye follow holy writ -
The night came first and dark is all around,
And from the eve you cannot hide your lies.