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At the Name of Jesus

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The Illusion of Time

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Two organ improvisations recorded at Third Westminster Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth, NJ.  The first is based, loosely, on R. Vaughan Williams' tune 'King's Weston,' which is generally set to this text:


At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow,
Every tongue confess Him King of glory now;
’Tis the Father’s pleasure we should call Him Lord,
Who from the beginning was the mighty Word.


Humbled for a season, to receive a name
From the lips of sinners unto whom He came,
Faithfully He bore it, spotless to the last,
Brought it back victorious when from death He passed.


In your hearts enthrone Him; there let Him subdue
All that is not holy, all that is not true;
Crown Him as your Captain in temptation’s hour;
Let His will enfold you in its light and power.


(Car­o­line M. No­el, The Name of Je­sus, and Other Vers­es for the Sick and Lone­ly, 1870.)


Excellent thoughts for the day when we mark the passage of time.


The second piece is an impression of humankind's obsession with time, and marking it's passage and the way in which we tend to apply such meaning to the calenders of our own devising.



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