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The Drop-by Recital is a musical-educational program currently under development by minister, organist, and composer Anthony Mark LaMort. 


On these pages you will find examples of the Drop-by Recital format.  Please note that all of the music is recorded live, on site in an urban church.  As a result, careful listening will  evidence the presence of the world outside the church — passers-by, vehicles, even occasional urban wildlife.  These extra-musical sounds are not entirely unwelcome as the point of the Drop-by Recital project is to 'de-mystify' art-music (so-called 'classical' music) in general and music for the pipe organ in particular; making it accessible, understandable and relevant.   On this site you will also find a link to the Improvisation Blog - an ongoing musical commentary made up of organ improvisations and accompanying text. 


This is also the home of Psalm-provisation-electronica - A series of extemporized pieces of electronic music interpreting the Psalms of David, as well as similar electronic synthesis based works.   Please feel free to direct comments, thoughts and suggestions by e-mail.  



Pax, Lux, Vita!


Last updated: 02-06-2017