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 Because the 23rd Psalm is so ubiquitous, I think I've been somewhat hesitant about creating a musical interpretation for it. I finally settled on what I've posted here, although as with much of my extemporized music, it's doubtful this will be the final word!

Piano and marimba were recorded live and in real time then mixed with the organ and synthesizers which were recorded separately (also live, as opposed to MIDI). Finally, the spoken word parts were recorded, processed and mixed.

This piece includes a reading of the Psalm 23 in English (KJV) and the 'Lord's Prayer' read in Latin and in Aramaic, with the later two being found audio clips.

Organ registrations used are the Gt. 16' Diapason, the Gt. 4' Harmonic Flute, and the Sw. 8' Concert Flute and Flute Celeste.