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Now it's Christ-mass  (oh, alright, Christmas if you prefer... just please not 'Xmas' or Krissmiss, okay?).  And it will be Christmas - the festival of the Nativity of our Lord - until the Day of Epiphany, 6. January, 2012.


Organ improvisations recorded at the Third-Westminster Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth, NJ. 4 M/P Johannus organ (Rembrandt series). This electronic organ acquits itself rather well in the acoustic environment of Third-Westminster.  Note addition of so-called 'MIDI' voices in several places. 

Relatively accesible (IMO) as the tunes are clearly delineated within the pieces.  Clicking on the title will open a media player in a new window.



Veni Emmanuel


Adeste Fidelis


Es Ist Ein' Rose


The First Noel


O Little Town of Bethlehem


Silent Night


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