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The following are improvisations on Advent and Christ-mass  hymns and chorales created utilizing the Hauptwerk VPO - Silbermann and Magnuskerk Anloo organ sample sets. 


Perhaps intentionally bittersweet as it is always my intention to find the Cross at the center of the Nativity and (conversely) to keep in the foreground, even when we stand in the shadow of the Cross that we are people of the Incarnation and Resurrection.


Some elements of humor (I hope!) especially in the last of this set - yes, that's the Wenceslas tune - for (I believe) that as G-d looks on us with eyes of love, there are times when He must smile and laugh, just as when we are at our best, we can can smile and laugh at ourselves.


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Away in a Manger



The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came



Lo, How a Rose



Tempus Adest Floridum



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