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This story raises a myriad of what may very well be eternal questions. While (IMO) our human minds may never find or grasp satisfactory answers, it is possible we are led to greater heights of spiritual maturity simply in the asking:


Why is it that some prayers are answered and some not? Or as it that they are all answered but only some are answered in the affirmative.  Can sovereign G-d relent... or repent? Does G-d change His mind? Does prayer change G-d, or change US? Does the G-d who created, creates, and holds together the very fabric of space and time REALLY need blood to be satisfied? Why must the innocent suffer? ARE there any who are truly innocent? Is the child in this story a type of Christ?  Is David?  


Prospectum Magnuskerk Anloo sample set for the Hauptwerk VPO.

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