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 31. January, 2011 - "Alleluia, How Wonderful - AGAIN!"

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Once again, I am alluding to my own poetry -- something I wrote some time ago. Those of you who know me realize that I can be more than cynical about the state of the organized church. (note lower-cased 'c' !) Reminding myself that they - we - us -- with all our foibles, remain children of a loving and merciful G-d. While the sins of the church are and have been grievous, they are not too big for the One Who make all things new.  As an antidote to my own arrogance, I periodically need to remind myself that it is G-d's people that are after all still His doing and marvelous in His sight! * 


 Oh how very wonderful...

(To be read entirely & completely without sarcasm)


oh how very wonderful!

alleluia again and again

and how magnificent

that herein may we gather

all upon the sacred ground

in this holy house beneficent!


hush now as age cracked fingers

wrest creaking thunder

from time stained yellow ivory keys,

blushing girls and grey-haired maiden saints

lift their warbling voices for the Lord to praise!

hearken now the preacher speaks

and in well rehearsed throaty tones

he warns against the havoc pleasure wreaks -

blank faced stares -

and surreptitious repentant tears -


who is this stranger in our midst?


aye, they are so wonderful!

alleluia! so magnificent

gathering before God beneficent -

good and bad, the young, the old;

wise and fools, they hear His call -

oh, they are so wonderful -

the Lord God loves them all.


This improvisation was created with the Hauptwerk environment. 



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