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Three movement impressionistic improvisation depicting a sudden and particularly intense storm experienced while traveling Northern New Jersey's I-280 west bound.


I have used this opening rhythmic motif or very similar in several other recent improvs. I am trying to work out a polyrythmic idea for later use in a composition.


Movement One: The Storm


Those who know me know I make a lot of wrong turns. But I seldom miss the exit that leads to my own house. Such was the combination of my own preoccupation and the intensity of the storm. Sometimes a U-turn prove fortuitous.


Movement Two: You-Turn


The storm ended as I was making the unexpected U-turn, affording me a view of a sky-filling rainbow that I otherwise would never have seen when I and my car were facing in the 'right' direction.


eritque arcus in nubibus et videbo illum et recordabor foederis sempiterni quod pactum est inter Deum et inter omnem animam viventem universae carnis quae est super terram. Genesis 9:16


Movement Three: Rainbow


These pieces created with the Magnuskerk Anloo sample set and the Hauptwerk VPO


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