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18. March, 2011 Nicodemus Visits Jesus by Night


1. Nicodemus Impression One 

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John 3:2. Nicodemus Visits Jesus. Why does John make a point of telling us he did this by night. Was Nicodemus afraid? Embarassed? In impression one I envision a timid Nicodemus filled with halting questions and doubts. 



2. Nicodemus Impression Two 

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John 3:2. Why did N. Visit Jesus by night? In this second impression I envision N. as filled with demanding questions that burn in his heart preventing his sleep. He needs an answer from the Rabbi and he must have it tonight!  



3. Born From Above, Again 

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John 3:3. In a passage filled with Greek words with potentially double meanings, none has likely caused more theological speculation, and engendered richer discussion than ανωΘεν (anothen).



 4. Jesus Incredulous

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 John 3:10 "You are Israel's teacher and you do not understand these things?" Gentle chiding? Genuine indignant disbelief?



5. Save, Not Condemn! 

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John 3:17. 'For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him'. Oft forgotten with all the John 3:16 signs held up at football games...  





Nicodemus Impression One & Two - Live Video Versions




The improvisations on this page were created with the Pipeloops Silbermann Organ Sample Set.  

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