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13. March, 2011  'Shield Bug' 


Who cares about bugs?  Who cares about a single bug?  I found a dying bug on my carpet early one morning.  Such a simple thing - a bug; an insect; a pest - as nearly meaningless as any living thing can be, yet for all my worth as a human being - the  very 'pinnacle of creation' - I had no power to 'fix' the bug. I can fix a pipe organ or a computer or a radio amplifier, but I could not breathe life back into this dying, insignificant nuisance. I laid the bug on the earth of a potted plant so that it might die close to its own element, going away with an oddly pronounced sense of loss.

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13. March, 2011 - 'The Power of Why'


In a world that often appears to have gone mad, 'Why?' even when there is no immediate answer forthcoming, remains among the most profound and devastating of all questions.  For E.E.

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The improvisations on this page were created with the Prospectum sample set of the 1719 Magnuskerk Anloo Organ 


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