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13. February, 2011 -  Of Malleable Time

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Experientially, we live and move and have our being in three dimensions governed by a fourth... time.  It's that last dimension that we most inherently understand as being malleable.  When we are very young - say six years old - the distance from this Christmas to the next seems a lifetime. And in some ways it is - at least it's one sixth of a life time.  As we get older the years seem to fly.


Einstein compared the way we perceive time spent in a dentist's chair as opposed to sitting on a park bench next to someone attractive.


While we are experience our little space in time, the details of our activities and  the salient points of our discussions seem so poignant, so crystal clear - so very real. Yet when we look back at events the merge into a tapistry, no less poingant, but somehow more of a texture than individual moments.  




13 February - New Day Triumphs

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Recorded just at that space in time when evening gives way to the new day and the one thing that all who draw breath can perhaps be be most certain of transpires again... sure as day follows night...






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