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I currently have three albums available.


“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Vol.1”

Classical Organ Repertoire recorded at First Presbyterian Church in Orange, IV/68 Austin.  Sample tracks may by found on the ‘Organ Performance’ page of this site


“Music of the Spheres”

Symphonic Tone Poem by A.M. LaMort realized with the Kurzweil K250 Sampling Synthesizer.  Sample tracks located on the ‘Composition’ page of this site.


“Moments Suspended in Sacred Time”

Organ improvisations based on familiar hymn tunes.  Recorded at First Presbyterian.

Samples are located on the ‘Organ Improvisation’ page.



If you are interested in purchasing a CD please e-mail me for prices and payment options.  A portion of all sales goes to support the Interfaith Hospitality Network for the Homeless of Essex County.





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